Pearl Masters Maple Complete – Matt black mist

8", 10", 12", 13", 14", 16", 18"(all toms standard depth)

14" Snare

20", 22" Kicks


Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute - Plum

8”, 10”,12”,14”,16”,22” (all toms standard depth)                             

14 x 5.5” maple snare

Yamaha hardware, stands, and pedals.


Gretsch  Renown Maple

TOMS: 10”,12”,14”,16” (all toms standard depth)

KICK: 22”     

14 x 5.5” maple snare

Gibraltar hardware, stands, and pedals.


DW Collector’s Edition Maple                                                           

TOMS: 10”, 12”, 13”, 14”, 16”

KICK: 22”, 20"

14 x 5.5” maple snare

DW 9000, 5000 series hardware, stands and pedals


Gretsch New Classic Maple Jazz Kits (3 – Ivory

Marine, Vintage glass, Natural Wood)

TOMS: 10”, 12”, 14”

KICK: 18” Kick Drum

14 x 5.5 maple snare

DW 9000, 5000 Series hardware stands and pedals


Taye Studio Maple

TOMS: 8”, 10”, 12”, 14”, 16”, 18”

KICK: 20”, 24”

14 x 7 Maple wood hoop Snare


Ludwig Classic Maple

TOMS: 10”, 12”, 13”, 14”, 16”, 18”

KICK: 22”, 24”

14” x 6.5” maple snare

Additional Snare Drums                                                                    

Ludwig Supraphonic (14 x 6.5)

Gretsch Metal Snare (14 x 5.5)          

Pearl Piccolo Snare (13 x 3.5)

Pearl Popcorn Snare (10 x 6)


Additional Kick Drums

Pearl Maple 20”        


Zildjian A Cymbal Pack

 22” A Custom Ride

 14” Master Series HiHat

 15” A Custom Crash

 16” A Custom Crash

 16” A Custom Fast Crash

 18” A Custom Crash

 12” Splash

 10" Splash


Zildjian A Cymbal Pack  (2)

 20" A Custom Ride

 17" A Custom Med Thin Crash

 18" A Custom China High

 14" Newbeats HiHat


Zildjian K Cymbal Pack

 10” K Splash

 14” K Hi-Hats Dark

 17” K Crash Dark

 18” K Crash Dark

 20” K Ride

 20” K Crash/Ride


Sabian Cymbal Pack   (AA Series Cymbals)                                     

 10” splash

 14” Fusion Hi-Hats

 16” Medium-Thin Crash

 18” Medium-Thin Crash

 18” China

 20” Medium Dry Ride



DW5000 series double pedal

Gibraltar double pedal                                                            

DW9000 series single pedal

DW5000 series single pedal

DW3000 series single pedal



Roland SPD-S w/clamp

Roland SPD-SX w/clamp

Plexi Glass Drum Shield 5'



LP Classic Series Quinto w/stand      

LP Classic Series Conga w/stand       

LP Classic Series Tumba w/stand      

LP Classic Series Djembe w/stand

LP Tri-Mount rolling stand for Q,C,T                                                                       

LP Matador Timbale 14”                                                                    

LP Matador Timbale 15”                                                                    

LP Matador Timbale dual stand

LP Matador Bongos w/stand 

Wind Chimes                                                                         

LP Afuche Cabasa                                                                             

LP Egg Shakers                                                                                 

LP Wrist Shakers                                                                               

LP Songo Cowbell     

LP Mambo Cowbell                                                               

LP Jingle Bells                                                                                   

LP Mountable Accessories Tray                                                        

LP Percussion Table w/ mounting rods                                             

LP Tambourine Stick                                                             

LP Tambourine                                                                                  

LP Pro Maracas                                                                                 

LP Clave Sticks                                                                                  

LP Aspire LPA132 Castanets

LP Guiro

LP Jam Blocks (red and blue)

Hercules Percussion Table stand

Pearl Boom Box Cajon

Zildjian Thin Finger Cymbals




Aguilar Tone Hammer 500

Aguilar DB751

Aguilar DB750          

Ampeg SVT 2pro      

Eden WT800 bass head                                                                                  

Galen Kruger GK-800 Head

Mesa Boogie Big Block 750                                                              

SWR SM-900 Head

SWR Working Pro 400 Head                                                            

SWR Black Beauty 1x15                                                                   

SWR Red Head 2x10



Aguilar DB 4x10 Cabinet      

Ampeg 8 x 10 Cabinet

Eden 410 XST cabinet                                                           

Eden 115 XL cabinet

Mesa Boogie Powerhouse 1x15”

Mesa Boogie Powerhouse 4x10”

SWR Goliath III CAB 4x10”                                                 

SWR Son of Bertha 1x15”


Fender American Vintage’75 J-Bass 4-string

Fender American P-Bass 4-string

Fender 5-String   J-Bass

Samuel Eastman, model VB95, ¾ size, with a “The Realist” Copperhead pickup

Guitar Composite.jpg


Chorus: TC- Stereo chorus+pitch &flange, Fulltone Deja-vibe (stereo), strymon mobius

Comp: Strymon Ob.1, Keeley Comp

Delay: MXR Carbon Copy, Line 6 DL4

Drive: Fulltone OCD, Boss Blues Driver(Keeley mod), Bogner Xtacy Red

Phase: MXR- evh 90

Reverb: Strymon Flint, TC- Hall of Fame

Tremolo: Strymon Flint

Tuner: Boss TU-2,TU-3, TC-Poly

Wah: Fulltone Clyde Deluxe, Dunlop Cry-baby                                             


Martin D-28 cutaway with electronics

Taylor 814CE


Fender 86 American Stratocaster

Fender John Mayer American Stratocaster

Nash 57 Stratocaster (Lollar pu’s)

Fender Select H/S/S Stratocaster        

Fender American Vintage ‘62 Telecaster

Fender Custom Shop ’53 Heavy Relic Telecaster

Nash TK-54 Telecaster Humbucker neck (Lollar pu’s)

Gibson ES335 Custom Shop

Gibson Les Paul Studio Worn Mahogany

Gibson 59 Les Paul Custom Shop RI

Gibson 57 Les Paul 3pu Black Beauty w/ Bigsby Custom Shop RI

Gibson 55 Les Paul Jr. P-90 Custom Shop RI

Gibson 61 SG Custom Shop RI

Gibson 56 Gold top Custom Shop P-90’s

Gretsch 6120 w/ TV Jones Pickups and Bigsby

Guit Amp.jpg


Marshall 1960A 4x12

Marshall 1960BV 4x12         

Mesa Boogie Recto Standard Strait 4x12”

Mesa Boogie Recto Standard Slant 4x12”


Fender Twin 65 Re-issue       

Fender Deluxe Reverb 65 Re-issue    

Fender Super Reverb Re-issue           

Fender Hot Rod Deville 4x10

Fender Hot Rod Deville 2x12                                    

Fender Bassman 59 LTD       

Fender Vibraluxe 2x10

Fender Blues Deville 4x10

Fender Blues Jr.

Marshall JCM 800                                                                 

Marshall JCM 900

Marshall JCM 2000

Matchless DC-30

Mesa Boogie Lonestar Special 1x12”

Roland JC- 120          

SWR California Blonde         

Vox AC -30 Celestion Blue

Vox AC -15 Celestion Blue

Trace Elliot TA100R (acoustic guitar amp)

Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier 100

KeyBoard Crop.jpg


Fender Rhodes Suitcase 88

Korg M3 73 Key

Korg Triton 76 Studio                                                            

Korg Microkorg XL+

Korg Kronos 88

Korg Trinity Plus

Kurzweill PC-88        

Roland VK8   

Roland RD 700sx

Roland Juno Gi

Roland KC550

Yamaha S90 ES         

Yamaha Motif ES-8   

Yamaha Motif XF-7

Nord Electro II 73

Nord Stage II HA88                                                                                      

Hammond B-3

Leslie 122 1968

Trek II UC-1 Pedal    

M-Audio Oxygen 49 USB Controller

M-Audio Axiom 25 USB Controller

M-Audio Axiom 61 USB Controller



Pioneer CDJ 1000 MK2        

Pioneer DJM 600 Mixer

Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus

Pioneer DJM 900 Nexus Mixer         

RANE TTM 57SL DJ mixer

RANE SL-4 Serato Interface

Techniques SL-1210 Turntables        

Techniques SL-1200 Turntables



Manhasset Music Stands                                                                   

Music Stand lights (LED & Incandescent)                                                     

30” Black bar stools both fixed & swivel                                                       

Ultimate Guitar Stands

6-space Guitar Boats

Double Bass Stand

Baritone Sax Stand

Alto/Tenor Sax Stand

Alto Sax stand

Trumpet stand

Single tier x-stand

Double tier x-stand

Three tier x type stand

Single tier z-stand

Quick-Lok M91 + M2 tier

Ultimate Support Apex dual tier

Platform-Style Keyboard stand

Radial A/B Switch

Various Tuners